• Activists camp outside courthouse demanding justice for man killed by police


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - People camped out in the cold overnight Thursday, demanding police take action for shooting and killing a man.
    The activists camped outside the DeKalb County Courthouse in honor of Kevin Davis, who was shot and killed by police in December. The protestors have a sign that's lit up with blue lights, saying “Black Lives Matter.”
    Authorities said Davis called police on Dec. 29 because his girlfriend was being stabbed by her roommate. When an officer arrived and allegedly entered the home without any announcement, the couple's dog attacked the officer who in return, shot the dog, police said.
    Davis was in a back room protecting his girlfriend when he heard the shots, investigators said. He was armed as he went to investigate. The officer said Davis wouldn't drop his weapon. Davis was subsequently shot by the officer and died two days later.
     “When someone calls the police for help, they shouldn't have to worry about getting shot in their own home, especially if you're entering unannounced,” said activist Cydney Brower. “It's just one of those situations where we're here, and we're going to continue to come here and we are going to continue to make noise because we want this to be investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The family deserves it.”
    The GBI said it can't launch an investigation because of a protest. Any investigation has to be requested by the DeKalb Police Department or the District Attorney’s Office.
    The officer who killed Davis was placed on paid leave for a short time. The activists said he's now back on duty.

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