Man arrested in Alpharetta sexual assault


FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Alpharetta police say the recent arrest of a wanted sex offender underscores the need for sex abuse victims to come forward.

Police say the arrest of 47-year-old Elmer Moffitt has taken a dangerous predator off the streets.

"I strongly urge victims to come forward, and if an event of anything like this occurred, go tell an adult you trust," said Alpharetta police spokesman George Gordon.

He said if the brave young girl hadn't spoken up, Moffitt might still be on the streets.

"The victim came forward after about a 2-year period of time. The initial incident occurred in 2011 at a residence here in Alpharetta," Gordon said.

Police said the attack happened while Moffitt was staying with the girl's family at their home. An arrest report said Moffitt forced himself onto the girl several times.

"The juvenile victim gave testimony for a forensic examination by interview and other details, and we believe the validity of her story," Gordon said.

Even more disturbing for police was when they checked Moffitt's record. They learned he was already a convicted sex offender in Minnesota -- wanted there for failing to register.

"He had a nationwide, no-extradition felony arrest warrant for him," Gordon said.

U.S. marshals arrested Moffitt in the days before Christmas at a McDonough home.

A relief for police, who said he's a sexual predator who would likely strike again if not caught.

"It's abhorrent that this goes on, but it does. We're going to take quick action as soon as we can," Gordon said.

Moffitt is in the Fulton County Jail without a bond. He's facing several child molestation charges, as well as charges out of Minnesota for being a fugitive.