Abortion opponents march on state Capitol



ATLANTA - Thousands of abortion opponents braved cold temperatures Tuesday and gathered at the state Capitol to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
Channel 2's Lori Geary caught up with several of the marchers, who said they're hopeful the landmark Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion will one day be overturned.

News Chopper 2 flew over the Capitol just after noon as the massive crowd set out on its one-mile silent march.

“(I’m) defending the unborn, because I think everyone deserves a chance,” protestor Eva Stuchlik said.

She traveled to Atlanta from Cherokee County for her 10th march. 

“I think we're all disappointed that it's taking so long for abortion to end, but we're hopeful. We'll keep up the fight and peacefully ask people to stop abortion,” Stuchlik said.
Lee Brown, of Stone Mountain, also braved the cold to participate in the march for the first time.

“It's been going on for 40 years now, and I really feel like enough is enough, and I really support this movement,” Brown said.