• 91-year-old disabled woman finds noose at door

    By: Rachel Stockman


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - Canton police are trying to figure out who is responsible for putting a noose and a profanity-laced note on a 91-year-old disabled woman’s front door.

    “My momma and I are nice neighbors. We don’t bother a soul over here. All we do is sit out here on the sun porch when people go by we say “hi,” said Sarah Ann Humphries, who is the daughter and caretaker for Dolly May Humphries.

    Canton police took the noose left last Friday into evidence, and are not releasing pictures as they investigate.  A neighbor called police early Friday morning after seeing the noose hanging on her the woman’s door.  

    “No one had a right to put a noose on her door and this is upsetting me very much. We live in a time we shouldn’t have to put up with that right here,” said Humphries relative, Charles Gearing. 

    The elderly woman is the only one that found a noose, but several other neighbors at the Lancaster Ridge Apartments says they received a similar note. One woman said she also found something all over her front door.

    “My daughter was with me and there was animal feces all over the door handle. They had used the bathroom in the front yard. I found two feces in the front yard,” said Nina Jackson.

    Neighbors say the latest incident with Dolly Mae Humphries has reached a new level, and is just not tolerable.

    “If whoever did this is watching Channel 2, they are messing with the wrong family,” said Charles David Gearing Jr., a family member.

    Canton police say they are investigating, and plan to speak with more neighbors in the complex.

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