90-year-old hit by burglars 15 times

by: Carl Willis Updated:

JONESBORO, Ga. - A 90-year-old Jonesboro woman has had her home broken into 15 times in the last few months.
So far, police have arrested one man, 39-year-old Scott Vincent, and charged him with theft by taking.

Because of the arrest and the property that has been recovered, Jonesboro police believe they are close to cracking open a multi-state burglary ring, "from North Carolina, Nebraska, Florida and Clayton County," said Jonesboro police Sgt. Brad Pair.

The trail of burglary victims may have ended at a historic property off of South Main Street.
The property has been around since 1835, but suddenly the owner, Claudia Turner, is ready to move after the 15th break-in.
"Isn't that frightening, never knowing what's happening and never knowing what's going to happen to you?" said Turner.
She told Channel 2's Carl Willis she has lived in the home since 1946.
In all that time she's never felt this vulnerable.
"They stole all kinds of things they couldn't sell. I don't understand why they would do that," she said. "He robbed me of memories, the things that I had hoped to keep."
Police told Willis much of Turner's belongings were recovered thanks to a tip that led them to a Henry County home and a storage unit.


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Officers recovered antique furniture, documents dating back to 1917 and Turner's wedding photo.
Police said the crime ring started to unravel when Turner spotted Vincent and blocked his truck from leaving her property. Investigators said they found stolen merchandise in the truck.
"I want him to pay for what he's done," said Turner. "He shouldn't steal people's things."
Still, police said they don't believe it's over.
"Seems like a bigger situation since we had victims out of the state," said Pair.
Investigators said they have leads and aliases that they believe will lead them to the identities of those involved.
For now, they are taking inventory of the recovered property and working to return it to the rightful owners.
Despite the history and memories made on her Jonesboro property, Turner said she may have to move.
"I hate to leave, but my daughter in Texas can't sleep at night worrying about me," she said. "My children don't want me to be here. They want me out of here."