• 9 former law enforcement officers sentenced to jail in corruption case


    ATLANTA - Nine former law enforcement officers and four civilians are going to jail after a widespread police corruption case.
    The probe ensnared officers from Stone Mountain to Forest Park.
    Sally Yates, the U.S. attorney, said the officers served as security while drug dealers made what they thought were cocaine transactions. Yates said they were protecting drug dealers when they should have been protecting law-abiding citizens.
    “We've encountered dirty cops as long as I can remember but this is the first time where we've had dirty cops in so many different law enforcement agencies in our city,” Yates said.
    Yates said officers from DeKalb, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Forest Park and even MARTA have pleaded guilty to protecting drug dealers. Yates said they did it for money and they did it while in uniform.
    “They would arrive at these deals wearing their uniforms in their cop cars, carrying their law enforcement weapons there,” Yates said.
    The probe began after authorities began investigating a gang. They learned from a confidential informant officers were protecting drug dealers while they made their transactions.
    Stings were set up and on several occasions. Yates said the officers, including Dennis Duren and Dorian Williams, watched over what they thought were cocaine deals.
    Yates said some of the officers were prepared to shoot to protect the dealers.
    “If the deal was going bad that there would be a signal and they would be prepared to shoot the buyer if necessary,” Yates said.
    Four citizens also pleaded guilty for their role in the drug deals. The officers received sentences from as high as seven years to as low as three years.

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