5 arrested for explosives on mailbox

by: Tom Jones Updated:


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - DeKalb County Police have arrested 5 people in connection with 2 explosive devices placed inside a homeowner's mailbox.

Police say the devices were placed in a mailbox on Francine Drive and detonated in early March. No one was hurt by the explosion.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones spoke with the homeowner after the explosion who said she was convinced her neighbors were responsible.

"Police were very concerned had we found the bomb and went to take it out and it exploded, it would have taken off our arm. He (police) said it was that deadly," she said.

Police did arrest one neighbor, Britnee Hall, along with Bradley Webber, Matthew Webber, Michael Cox and Mackey Lougher. Each is charged with distributing a destructive device.

Police would not talk about a motive but neighbors told Jones that Hall has had an ongoing dispute with the homeowner.

Hall tried to reach Hall for comment but received no response.