$3,000 raised at Aimee Copeland fundraiser



A Memorial Day fundraiser for the Georgia woman fighting a flesh-eating disease raised $3,000.

For three hours, the Chick Fil A on Highway 78 in Snellville accepted donations and donated 10 percent of the restaurant's proceeds to a fund for Aimee Copeland.

Deanna Dodd Prosser was Copeland's art teacher in elementary school. She told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri the community has gathered together to support Copeland.

"We know that God has something really special in store for her," Prosser added.

Doctors amputated the 24-year-old's left leg, right foot and both hands.

Customers donated money and signed a poster offering prayers for a quick recovery. Many who showed up, like Michele McAdams, have never met Copeland.

"She just seems like such a wonderful person and the thought that it can happen to anybody," McAdams said.

Janice Faulkner stopped by to drop off a $500 check.

"My son that went to South Gwinnett High School went to high school with Aimee Copeland. He's now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers the NBA pro team," Faulkner told Viteri.

Her son, Lou Williams, is a guard for the 76ers.

In mid-May, Willliams tweeted a prayer of support for Copeland, and Faulkner said her son urged her to give on his behalf when he learned of the fundraiser.

"That's the least we could do. The very least we could do," she added.

On Monday, Copeland's father, Andy, shared in his blog that Aimee was speaking again.

"Aimee was expressive and clearly elucidated her thoughts. We talked about her current physical condition. We smiled and at times we said nothing," Andy Copeland said.

He went on to say that Aimee was in good spirits and made jokes, but the family knows her recovery will be long and challenging.