3 homes in Dunwoody neighborhood burglarized in 1 day

by: Amy Napier Viteri Updated:


DUNWOODY, Ga.,None - People in a Dunwoody neighborhood are on alert after three burglaries in one day.

Police said someone targeted homes in the North Springs community.

Hona Vapne told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri someone broke into his Devonshire Road home on Tuesday by pushing in a basement window.

"Very, very unpleasant feeling," Vapne said. "When I see this mess, it’s actually, I had a chill."

He said the burglar went upstairs to his bedroom looking for valuables.

He told Viteri he didn't realize someone had been in the home until he saw the mess they left behind.

"I knew they are usually trying to pawn something tools, guns jewelry. Nothing was around, actually," Vapne said.

He said the only things he noticed missing were some checks. The basement is undergoing remodeling and Vapne said that could be a reason the burglar targeted it.

"Maybe they think because of remodeling, security system doesn't work," he added.

One of the other burglaries happened on Kings Down Circle, where someone got in through a back window.

According to one police report, the burglar was wearing a hood pulled over their head.

Vapne has motion sensor lights at his home. The house is wired for a security system, which he said he plans to activate to feel more secure.

Police in Dunwoody want neighbors to be alert and contact them if they see anyone suspicious.