200 technology jobs coming to Cobb County



COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Hundreds of new technology jobs are coming to Cobb County.

Leaders of Infosys, a global business consulting company, announced plans to add 200 jobs to their Cobb County office. The announcement was made at the Cobb County Chamber First Monday Breakfast.

Channel 2's John Bachman spoke to company officials, who said the goal for Infosys is to make the metro area the southeastern hub of the United States.

The jobs are described as business processing jobs or high-skilled jobs.  Company leaders said this is probably just the beginning of growth in Cobb County and metro Atlanta.

"We’ve identified the Atlanta region as a strategic hub among a few hubs in America, focused on U.S. jobs in medium-term and long-term. So beyond this year, we can't forecast out, but we're committed to increasing presence here," Infosys Vice President Sandeep Dadlani said.

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