Abandoned, bruised pit bull found behind College Park store



SOUTH FULTON, Ga - A 2-year-old pit-bull  named Sweet Lenny was abandoned behind a College Park store and may have been part of a dog fighting ring, according to officials.

Lenny was found by Noah’s Arks Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides medical treatment and housing for abused animals.

When Lenny was found, he was covered with bite marks and gashes all over his body, Noah's Arks officials said.

The worst parts of his wounds were around his legs, face and ears.

Officials believe Lenny was used as a bait dog, usually family pets that are used to train fighting dogs. Dogs that are trained for fighting either adapt it or they do not survive, a spokesman said.

Tests show that Lenny is loaded with parasites, which has contributed to his anemia. Officials said the biggest part of his medical journey is going to be surgery on his wounds and moving skin around so that they can fill the large gashes.

Noah’s Arks officials say Lenny will be in the hospital for a while healing from his injuries.

Once he is well, he will be re-socialized and trained so he can live out a normal life with a loving family.