Officers crash chasing fraud suspect

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

Palmetto police Corporal Michael Upshur was injured in the crash.

PALMETTO, Ga. - A Palmetto police officer remains hospitalized after he was injured during a high-speed chase with a carjacking suspect Tuesday.  

Another officer, with the Union City Police Department, was injured in the same crash, but he was treated and released from the hospital. He was identified as Officer Kevin Gilham, with the tactical unit.
Palmetto police said Cpl. Michael Upshur was injured while chasing 26-year-old Rakim Jackson in a stolen minivan south on Roosevelt Highway.
According to Union City Police Detective Gloria Hodgson, it started when Jackson tried to commit credit card fraud at the United Community Bank on Shannon Parkway.  As police tried to arrest him, they said Jackson ran through the parking lot of the neighboring Walgreens and carjacked a white minivan.
That sparked a high-speed chase through Union City, Fairburn and Palmetto. A witness, who asked not to be named, told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie there were 10 to 20 officers involved in the pursuit.

“I’ve never been that scared before in my life,” she said. 

As the chase reached Palmetto at speeds exceeding 100 mph, the two patrol cars crashed.  Investigators said Jackson pulled the minivan into the church parking lot across the street and tried to run away, but he was captured shortly afterward.
Both officers were taken to Atlanta Medical Center.  Gilham was treated and released, but Upshur was placed in the intensive care unit. Officers told Lucie that Upshur, an eight-year veteran, has a cut on the back of his head, with possible brain bruising.
The Georgia State Patrol is assisting in the investigation into the accident.