$19.5 million project beginning near Turner Field



Atlanta is in the middle of a $19.5 million construction project next to Turner Field. Work started just days before the Braves announced they're moving to Cobb County in 2017.

Crews are digging a huge hole where the media lot used to be. They're going to put in a 5 million gallon tank to collect storm water. The idea is to keep nearby neighborhoods from flooding.

There's a deep hole in the media parking lot and the Braves have just three more seasons in the ballpark next door.

"We need to do this. It just so happens that it is at this unfortunate juncture that the braves may be leaving," said Atlanta City Councilmember Carla Smith.

Smith represents the area around Turner Field. She said water runoff from the downtown connector and the parking lots at the stadium all ends up in places like Mattie Ansley-Jackson's house.

"My back yard had three deep holes going down in this last big rain we had last year," Jackson said.

She said her dog house floated away and the city had to rebuild her backyard and fence line. In an attempt to stop the flooding, the city is installing a 5 million gallon tank to collect storm water before it gets to Jackson's house.

Crews have been working around the clock so they can finish the project by Feb. 28, in time for baseball season.

Joe Barnes lives in the apartment complex across the street. He said he doesn't see flooding and doesn't see the point, especially now that the Braves are leaving.

"You can't get no rest. No sleep. Pile driving. All that noise 24/7.  That's crazy," said neighbor Joe Barnes.

The project is scheduled to move forward.