• School covered in graffiti in senior prank, 21 arrested


    DALLAS, Ga.,None - A senior prank in Paulding County has turned into a criminal investigation.

    Police arrested nearly two dozen people in connection to vandalism across East Paulding High School in Dallas. They face felony charges.

    Crews spent hours cleaning up campus before school began on Monday.

    The word “senior” was spray painted on the brick entrance of the neighborhood across the street from the school. The same tag, along with “2012” was also left on windows, walls, cars, the road and at least 100 different places.

    Deputies said they received a report of vandalism in progress early Sunday morning, and when they arrived, the group scattered.

    The Paulding County superintendent said the school knows at least 27 people, mostly students, were involved. So far, 21 have been arrested and charged with criminal interference with government property.

    The school principal said the students involved will be punished on the school level, as well.

    More arrests are expected this week.


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