Lightning strike leaves 1 dead, another injured


One man is recovering and another is dead after coming close to a lightning strike.

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - One man is dead and another is recovering after coming close to a lightning strike.

Firefighters told Channel 2 Action News Saturday Burnette Hayes, 52, suffered a heart attack following the lightning strike and later died.

Channel 2's Carl Willis spoke to Hayes' family, who said they are still stunned at the sudden death of the father of nine.

"My son said when he heard that lightning strike he knew it hit something nearby," Amy Vassey said about the storm that killed Hayes Friday night.

A bolt of lightning hit a pine tree on the edge of Lake Peachtree. Hayes and another man, also in his 50's, were standing under the tree and were knocked to the ground by the strike.

The shock enough to send Hayes into cardiac arrest, which eventually claim his life, authorities said.

"It's real tragic; obviously it happens. It's just bad luck," resident John Campbell said.

Those who live around the lake said children were in the water, playing at the time the storm popped up.

"It's unbelievable with all the people that come here the kids and stuff that it would get an adult," resident Jose Casiano said.

"My other son swims in this lake, so to me it's very frightening," Vassey said.

Peachtree City fire officials said the other man injured in the lightning strike regained consciousness as emergency crews tended to him on scene.

Hayes could not be saved, they said.

"It's very sad and he's the father of nine children," Vassey said.

There were no other injuries reported from Friday's storm.

There is still no word on the other man's condition.