1 dead after shooting in NW Atlanta



ATLANTA - Atlanta police are investigating a deadly shooting in northwest Atlanta.

Friends and family of the young man that was shot were overcome with emotion as they arrived at the home.
"A lot of family and friends that came out. So obviously we'll be speaking with them pretty soon in this investigation," said Lt. Charles Hampton with the Atlanta Police Department.
Police said they received a call for a man shot at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday on St. James Drive.
"We did indeed find a male in mid-20s shot and killed with a single gunshot wound to the chest," Hampton said.
Detectives told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach they have not been able to establish a motive for the murder, but think it was not random.
"We do believe that the victim was the intended target," Hampton said.
Investigators believe the victim live at a home on St. James Drive.
This is the second homicide in nearly the same spot in the past two weeks.
Jeffrey Williams, 34, was shot in front of a home near Tuesday night's shooting on July 1.
Williams was found behind the wheel of a car that was backed up against a power pole with several bullet holes through the windshield.
"Not sure if it's related. Too early to tell. Obviously we'll get investigators together to share notes to see if there's any similarities in the two homicides," Hampton said.

Police have not released the identity of the man killed.