Investors Help To Revitalize Neighborhood


ATLANTA,None - A group of investors called Committed to Communities is trying to revitalize one of Atlanta's most distressed neighborhoods one home at a time.

Many homes in Sylvan Hills are empty, some because of foreclosure.

The investors are buying several of the homes up and turning them around.

Those investors said by refurbishing the homes, it's turning the neighborhoods around with them.

"We're trying to bring these neighborhoods back online," John Mangham with Epicity Real Estate said.

For Mangham that will happen one home, and one street at a time. "We're trying to bring a focus back to some communities that are close to downtown Atlanta, trying to breathe some life into one of the hardest hit zip codes," Mangham said.

Mangham's partnering with Realtor Derrick Duckworth to sell once-distressed foreclosed homes to buyers who might have otherwise not be able to afford them.

Hopefully we can stabilize the neighborhood a little bit better, get some more neighbors in the neighborhood," Duckworth said.

The pair is focusing on the southwest Atlanta neighborhoods of Sylvan Hills, Adair Park and others along the Atlanta beltline working with others to buy up boarded up homes and flip them for sale.

We're hoping to create a cascading effect," Mangham said.

Committed to Communities is holding an open house event in Adair Park on May 7.