Investigators search surveillance, store for syringes at Walmart

by: Carl Willis Updated:

Syringes found in Walmart clothes

CARTERSVILLE, Ga.,None - Bartow County investigators and Walmart employees examined hours of surveillance video Thursday after four reports of syringes being found in clothing.

However, they said they have found nothing yet that indicates who may have planted syringes in items including a child's pajamas in the store in Cartersville.

A Walmart representative said employees searched the clothing sections and found nothing out of the ordinary. They did say that they would have extra employees monitoring the areas for now.

Liliana Hernandez walked into that same store Thursday looking for answers and help.

Channel 2 reporter Carl Willis was there with her. Hernandez said she was pricked by a broken syringe in a pair of pants on Nov. 29.

Hernandez said she hadn't heard from store officials and had not been able to get tested before Thursday.

"She wants to go do it personally because she believes that it's a serious matter and she's concerned about her health and wants to get it taken care of," said Hernandez's friend, Bianca Beltran.


That's primarily because of what Hernandez said appeared to be in the syringe.

"It was stained with something red that she thinks was blood. It could have been something else," Beltran said.

Bartow County investigators said they've sent the syringes to be tested for DNA, fingerpints and any signs that there may have been something harmful in or on the needles.

Patricia Headrick said she was pricked when she reached into a package to inspect a bra.

Deputies said a similar incident happened to a 14-year-old girl when she tried on pajamas that her mom bought her from the store.

A Walmart representative said the company will pay for any "valid" medical expenses of those harmed in these incidents.

Headrick said it's not a moment too soon, especially since she's already paid $1,300 for an anti-HIV medication.

"It's just a waiting game right now," Headrick said. "I'm scared to death."

Deputies said they were not expanding their investigation beyond Walmart.

Walmart officials said they believed the incidents were isolated to the Cartersville location.