Hot on the Web: Humans flying across New York sky, Twitter sued

by: Nelson Hicks Updated:

ATLANTA,None - What's hot on the web this week??

There's a change with Facebook photos. Some users have already been upgraded, others will in the next few days. Photos now display larger and there's a comment box and like button to the right of the photo, making it easier to post and read comments. Facebook placed an ad at the bottom of the display, too.

That's the good news about Facebook photos. The bad news is, old photos that were thought to be deleted might not be gone. Online publication Ars Technica noted that Facebook photos users deleted, some from 2009, may still be available. With a direct link, the publication found plenty of photos that were supposed to be long gone. Facebook said they were addressing the issue.

Brazil is taking aim at Twitter and some users that warn others of roadblocks and speed traps. The government filed suit against Twitter stating that posting that information breaks the law. A judge is reviewing the case.  

Meanwhile, a Twitter user in London was fined $612 plus court costs for saying he would blow up Robin Hood Airport if his flight was delayed. The man argued it was a joke but the courts convicted him of menacing. He's appealing.

Chalk one up for the ball boy. Check out this catch in a video ESPN posted to its YouTube account from the Australian Open.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's humans flying in New York City? That's certainly what it appeared to be above the big apple a few days ago. Obviously, they weren't humans flying through the sky, but remote controlled planes shaped like humans. It was done as a viral campaign for the 20th Century Fox film "Chronicle."