• Homeless man finds toddler behind dumpsters in College Park


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - The mother of a little boy found abandoned behind a College Park convenience store left the police station in tears Thursday.
    The 2-year-old boy was found by a dumpster near a Valero gas station on Old National Highway at about 5:30 a.m.
    A close family friend said the child’s mother had no idea the baby was left there until she saw her son's picture while at a convenience store. She thought the baby was with her boyfriend.
    Police are trying to determine if all these different stories add up.
    Destiny Walker, 27, cried as she was led out of the police station by her brother.
    “She got nothing to say. If it was you, you wouldn't want this? I’m her brother. Leave her alone,” Walker’s brother said.
    Police say a woman called 911 to say she found Walker’s child. The caller said a homeless man found the child and flagged her down.
    “As far as we know, the child was left there and had one pair of shorts in the bag and several diapers, so we assume he was left there on purpose,” said College Park police Maj. E.W. Strozier.
    Police released this security camera video where a man could be seen, who they believe to be the father or Walker's boyfriend, outside a nearby gas station with the child just hours before the child was left.
    “It just brings tears to my eyes right now, it is sad. I just want to get the full story of what really happened, why would you leave a child just sitting there,” said neighbor Deidra Gates.
    That is what police are trying to figure out.
    “Sad, I have a 2-year-old myself. I’m just astounded they found a baby right near where we're residing,” Gates said.
    Walker's brother said the whole situation has to do with her boyfriend.
    “All of her brothers and sister, we've got children, and we all take care of our children. This is something that has to do with her boyfriend. So you all take it up with him,” he said.
    Police are expecting to speak with both the boyfriend and Walker again Friday.  So far, no charges have been filed.

    The boy is currently in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services, police said.

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