Ex-Booster Club Treasurer Accused Of Theft


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - The former treasurer of a high school cheerleading booster club is in jail.

Lynette Lacy, 40, is accused of stealing nearly $4,000 from the cheerleaders and using it for her own personal use.

Clayton County police have charged the Fayette County woman with three felony counts of theft by conversion and first-degree forgery.

Officers said Lacy forged checks from the Lovejoy Cheerleaders Booster Club and cashed them.

Lovejoy High School parents couldn't believe it.

"I think it's a shame that money was put together for the purpose of cheering and that's what it should have been used for," Madelyn Finnie said.

Police said Lacy admitted to stealing a $1,021 check, one for $1,395 and one for $1,501.

An unidentified worker at Lovejoy High School told Channel 2's Tom Jones that two mothers were also involved in the theft. She wouldn't say anything more than that.

Parents said the allegations are troubling.

"I think that's terrible. I really do. I mean I guess she has her reasons for it but I can't see taking from children," Finnie said.

A judge set Lacy's bond at $16,000. A Clayton County school system representative said the booster club is a private group not affiliated with the school system.