• Elderly woman warns others of rug scam

    By: Carl Willis


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - An elderly woman was taken advantage of by thieves who used a rug to cover their theft.

    The incident happened Feb. 19 on Scott Circle in DeKalb County.
    "(The rug) was at least as long as this porch and almost as high," Mary Phillips, 88, told Channel 2's Carl Willis. "It was higher than us." 
    Phillips said the rug that was used to block her vision and rob her blind.
    She said two men came into her home in the Medlock Park area to sell the rug and talk about a new antique store.
    "I told him I didn't need a rug," she said. "It should have dawned on me, honey, but I have bad health and I just don't think like I used to." 
    While the two men held up the rug, she said another man must have come into her home.
    "I guess the other one went behind him because he was the one that did the dirty work," she said.
    According to the police report obtained by Channel 2 Action News, the suspects stole her daughter-in-law's jewelry, cash and her husband's medication that he receives from Veterans Affairs.
    She said the men "politely" pushed their way into the home. 
    "He stepped in and my dog was eating him up, but he didn't pay any attention to my dog," Phillips said. "He was kicking him out of the way."
    She said one of the men even gave her a hug to put her at ease.
    "And said, 'Momma I'll take care of you,'" she said. "I thought he knew me."
    She is telling her story so no one else falls victim to this scam.
    The victim's family reported that the men were seen in a white older model Ford Ranger truck.

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