Parents want answers at APS redistricting meeting


ATLANTA,None - A big meeting is planned Wednesday night to help clear up the Atlanta Public Schools redistricting confusion.

Demographers who devised the school district’s first major redistricting plan in a decade will talk about the plan.

Steve Samp, a father of two,  lives in the Argonne Forrest neighborhood. He, as well as parents of around 60 other children in the neighborhood are not sure where their children will attend elementary school in the future.

Under one APS proposal, the students would remain at their current school, Morris Brandon Elementary, but under another, they would be moved to Garden Hills.

“From here to Morris Brandon is approximately a one-mile walk. It’s about a 2.8-mile drive to Garden Hills,” Samp said.

APS spokesman Keith Bromery said nothing is set in stone.

“Everything’s in flow. We don’t know what the superintendent is going to wind up recommending in the end,” Bromery said.

“I’d like to stay where we are,” Samp said. “One of the reasons to buy in this neighborhood, to be around here, is this school.”

Bromery said APS is dealing with an out-of-balance system.

“It has some severely over-enrolled, overcrowded schools in some sections, and severely under-enrolled schools in others,” Bromery said.

Samp said he is interested to hear the logic in the proposals at Wednesday’s 6:30 p.m. meeting at North Atlanta High School.

Click here to read Superintendent Errol Davis' letter on the redistricting plans.