Drivers petition against proposed HOT lane on Ga. 400


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Georgia’s Department of Transportation is mulling over strong reaction from drivers over a proposed HOT lane on Georgia 400.

GDOT said something needs to be done on Georgia 400 to ease congestion, and adding a HOT lane could do the trick, but some drivers disagree.

Drivers already pay a 50 cent toll to drive on the road, and many say putting a HOT lane on top of that is just too much.

Drivers against the HOT lane said all anyones has to do is look at the controversial HOT lanes already existing on Interstate 85 to know that they don’t work.

“It will not help the situation. It will make it worse,” Bernard Ransby said. “We pay enough already. The Peach Pass on I-85 is not really working.”

Valerie Gourley of Roswell disagrees. She said the end result of less congestion makes it a good idea.

People are already signing a petition to stop the Georgia 400 HOT lane before it begins.

The HOT lane would run 24 miles between I-285 going north to Highway 20 in Cumming.

GDOT said the new HOT lane is just an idea for now, and it will get input from the community before moving forward.

Transportation experts held an informational meeting in Roswell Tuesday evening to discuss the proposal. At Tuesday's meeting, the State Road and Tollway Authority said theplan would be to add a lane to Georgia 400, not use an existing lane.

GDOT said it plans to hold more meetings with the public, the next on Thursday at the Piney Grove Middle School in Cumming at 5 p.m.