• DeKalb school leads way in goal to end bullying


    Georgia schools will be evaluated this year to see if they have a safe climate for students, but one DeKalb County school is leading the way in getting students involved in the battle against bullying.
    Staff and students are working together at Towers High School to have open communication and to create a strong no-bullying atmosphere.
    Student Nyresha Robertson said it is a welcome change.
    “Actually, I think the structure of the school changed. I think that now that we have adults that actually take their word and actually apply their word and mean what they say, I think that can make a huge difference throughout a school,” Robertson said.
    Principal Ralph Simpson said reaction time is key.
    “It is a high priority for us. We will drop whatever it is that we are doing at a moment’s notice, because we won’t and don’t allow for it to fester. We want that child to feel there are some instantaneous results,” Simpson said.
    Simpson calls the plan a communication safety net, so students who feel bullied will be brave enough to come forward.
    “Begins to build those bridges so that you understand what I am trying to teach, that you are mastering the content, that you are productive and progressive, but at the same time, I want you to know that I love you and I care about you,” Simpson said.
    Robertson said the changes make a big difference for her.
    “But to know that you can actually come to school and you don’t have to worry about somebody saying something to you, or touching you, or making you feel some type of way, is cool. It’s really amazing,” Robertson said.

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