Customer finds another syringe in Walmart clothing

by: Diana Davis Updated:

CARTERSVILLE, Ga.,None - Yet another syringe has been discovered at the Cartersville Walmart in Bartow County.

The latest syringe was discovered in a pair of slippers. In all, 15 syringes have been discovered in the last month. All were recovered in articles of clothing.

Shoppers at the Walmart told Channel 2's Diana Davis they are frustrated that a suspect has not been caught.

"I think they need to get on the ball and catch who's doing it," shopper Andy Butler said.

The Bartow County Sheriff's Office told Davis Monday that the latest syringe was discovered in the last few days in a pair of brown slippers purchased in the last few weeks.

No one was hurt, but two shoppers were pricked in previous incidents. Shoppers told Davis they remain worried someone else will be hurt.

"I mean you got kids in here and you just never know who might come across it. It's just an issue they should take care of quick," Butler said.

Jennifer Kimball continues to shop at the Cartersville Walmart with her 4-year-old, but she told Davis she's cautious.


"I don't go in the clothing section at all and I tend to buy everything that's packaged up together. If something is opened or looks like it has been opened I won't touch it," Kimball said.

The motive and who's been planting the syringes in clothing remains a mystery. But shoppers have their own theories.

"I think it might be an employee maybe. A disgruntled employee or somebody that may have been unhappy with some service here," Kimball said.

"Obviously someone has it in for this store," shopper Ron Dubose said.

Walmart said it continues to work with investigators. A representative has said in the past they are confident surveillance videos will identify the person or persons responsible.

Investigators continue to review surveillance video in hopes of find that person.

Anyone with information should call the Bartow County Sheriff's Office at 770-382-5050.