Community Supports Accused Taekwondo Teacher


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.,None - Community leaders turned out Wednesday to support a popular taekwondo instructor accused of rape and child molestation.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones went to the Dekalb County Courthouse, where Adrian Spellen was originally scheduled to have a bond hearing. State Sen. Donzella James and well-known defense attorney Don Edwards were among the many who stood on the courthouse steps to defend Spellen.

Spellen's mom, Donna, said with God's help, she will prove her son's innocence.

“They say God don't have hands. Yes, he does … and I'm gonna prove it,” Donna Spellen said.

She said her son is a pillar in the community and has helped children when no one else would. She said the more than 50 people who came to court for his hearing proves the impact he has had. Jones asked her if it was hard to get people to show up.

“I didn't have to ask,” she responded as the crowd let out a resounding “No.”

Before the crowd could gather inside the courtroom, prosecutors and the defense agreed on a $100,000 dollar bond for Spellen. Dekalb County police said Spellen, the owner of the Power Kicks Martial Arts School, raped and molested a child. Spellen's attorney said police haven’t thoroughly done their homework.

“There's been very little investigation, we believe, by the detective at this point in this case, and we want to get to the bottom of it,” defense attorney Regina Matthews told Jones.

Spellen's bond bans him from contact with his accuser and any minors other than family members. His family said they hope to get him out of jail soon.