Blue Man Group rocks Fox Theatre

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ATLANTA - The Blue Man Group brings its first theatrical production to tour North America to the Fox Theatre this week.

The performance features plenty of skits that Blue Man Group fans will recognize, along with a host of new features.  The show centers around a proscenium-sized LED curtain and high-resolution screen that create an entirely new, high-impact visual experience.

"We're really calling this show off-Broadway because you kind of get the spectacle that you'd find in a Broadway or Vegas-style show mixed with the intimacy that you might find in a off Broadway show," Blue Man Group performer Chris Smith told Nelson's News on

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"We are just coming at them, the sensory assault, coming off the stage, climbing on the chairs, shooting things at them, throwing things at them," Blue Man Group performer Russell Rinker said. "A lot of people don't know quite what to think about it at first, but by the end, we always win them over and they're always having a great time."

“Our theatrical productions take a humorous look at what we like to call 2.5-D space,” says Blue Man Group co-founder Philip Stanton. “An example of what we mean by this would be emailing or texting the person in the next office rather than walking over to talk to them face-to-face.”

Rinker and Smith are joined by James Marlowe on stage performing as the Blue Men.

"I trained as left Blue Man, who has a certain track," Marlowe said. "After a while, they cross train you into another role. So, now, night to night, we play different roles, so it really adds to the live element of it."

The Blue Men do have names as Marlowe alluded to; left, center and right. Typically, four Blue Men are part of each show with a rotating schedule as opposed to an understudy.

And while the Blue Men will play with tons of cool new toys in the show, it's the interaction with the audience that makes the Blue Man Group an experience unlike any other.

“We say that no matter how high-tech things get, there’s still something human there," Stanton said. "We’ll always need others, always need to collaborate. People still need to come together and look each other in the eye. Through the Blue Man’s connection with the audience, we hope to encourage this human-to-human interaction, while helping people reconnect with their own sense of wonder and discovery, with their own sense of what is possible in their lives.”

The Blue Man Group plays the Fox Theatre through Sunday. There's a show each weeknight and two shows each on Saturday and Sunday.