Atlanta Movie Tours offers glimpse into zombies

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ATLANTA - Georgia is home to the Braves, Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain and zombies, lots and lots of zombies.

Those undead creatures are the premise behind a new tour from Atlanta Movie Tours. It's the Big Zombie Tour.

The tour spotlights many of the locations fans of the film "Zombieland" and the AMC television series "The Walking Dead" will recognize.

PHOTOS: The Big Zombie Tour from Atlanta Movie Tours

Tour organizers offered a sneak peek to the media last week. Nelson's News on went along. Tours officially start Saturday and will be offered every Saturday at 10 a.m. The tour lasts about four hours.

"Between our love of a post-apocalyptic world and all the things that have happened to promote the tourism in the city of Atlanta, we came up with the idea of how great it would be to incorporate all these great, beautiful locations in the city of Atlanta to bring to tourists that come to our city," tour guide Tony Gowell said.

Tour stops for the media sneak peek included the Goat Farm, where some of "The Walking Dead" episode entitled "Vatos" was filmed. Other stops included the Atlanta Mission, several streets in downtown Atlanta, the Buckhead mansion Billy Murray used in "Zombieland" and the Cobb Energy Center. The venue was used as the Center for Disease Control  in episodes of "The Walking Dead."

Guests will grab a bite to eat at Diesel, a popular restaurant that regularly hosts screenings of "The Walking Dead."

As Gowel did with the media sneak peek tour, he'll handle such duties for most of the tours.

"I got my start back in 2009 on a little film called 'Zombieland,'" Gowell said. "I kind of reached out to the director and asked if I could somehow be a zombie. It was one of my bucket list dreams to be a zombie in some kind of film production and they contacted me back and the rest is history."

Gowell has worked as a zombie on both seasons of "The Walking Dead," too. He offers plenty of insider information about the show, its stars, filming locations and what it's like to be a zombie.

Atlanta Movie Tours hope to add a sports movie tour, "The Blind Side" and "We Are Marshall" are just a couple of the spots movies filmed in Atlanta, as well as a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" tour in the near future.

The tour costs $45 per person. Interested in taking the tour? Check out