Atlanta Falcons star conducts Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

by: Nelson Hicks Updated:


ATLANTA - It's not unusual for people to head downtown to check out Justin Blalock and his teammates. What is unusual is the Atlanta Falcons lineman's teammates Thursday night were members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Blalock served as a guest conductor.

"It's wasn't too bad," Blalock told Nelson's News on just after the performance. "I'm used to making a lot more mistakes in front of a lot more people, so this wasn't too bad today."

Blalock played the tuba growing up and still plays the drums and guitar on occasion. He said that he actually had a lot more accomplishments in the band compared to football until the 10th grade.

GALLERY: Falcons offensive lineman takes the ASO conductor's baton

The idea to take part in the concert arose out of a Justin Blalock Foundation board meeting. More than 150 kids from the foundation attended the ASO concert.

The concert itself was a side-by-side concert where members of the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra played alongside members of the ASO.

Blalock guest conducted the theme from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." He noted the movie was him mom's favorite before grabbing the conductor's baton.

One of Blalock's teammates was in attendance for the performance. Check out the video to see who it was.