• 3 GSU football players arrested after Buckhead fight

    By: Ryan Young


    ATLANTA - Georgia State football coach Bill Curry has dismissed junior quarterback Bo Schlecter from the team, and sophomore placekicker Christian Benvenuto and junior linebacker Dexter Moody have been suspended indefinitely after the three were arrested by Atlanta police for fighting in Buckhead early Thursday morning.

    One of the fight victims, Chris Hannaford, talked to Channel 2's Ryan Young about the fight Friday.

    "These two guys came from behind us, they started provoking us, getting in our faces. We didn't really know or had never seen these guys before, didn't know why they were doing this," Hannaford said.

    Hannaford tells Young he and his friends were attacked by the GSU football players after leaving Moondogs bar on Peachtree Road.

    "Now, first there were two, then there was four of them. They started pushing us. I got pushed into Peachtree Road and into a bush, and punched," Hannaford said.

    A state trooper driving by broke up the initial pushing and shoving but Hannaford said the men came back for more.

    "They got in our face again, cornering us. They said they were going to shoot us. They said they had guns in the car," Hannaford said.

    Atlanta police took the four men into custody. Hannaford said he and his friends were shaken by what happened and plan to pursue legal action.

    "It's not OK. You can't go around and do that to people," Hannaford said.

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