200 dead, feral cats found inside Newnan home

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NEWNAN, Ga. - Coweta County Animal Control found more than 200 cats inside a Newnan home, after the homeowner called for help.

"I'm sure it was overwhelming to the family, and now it's overwhelming to us," Coweta County spokeswoman Patricia Palmer said.

Along with the cats found alive at the home on Candlewood Court, animal rescue crews found 25 dead cats in the freezer.

A veterinarian at the county shelter examined the 163 domesticated cats. County officials tell Channel 2's Sophia Choi some of them had to be euthanized because they suffered from feline leukemia and other diseases.

Animal control crews said they needed special protective suits and breathing gear to get to the cats because of the pervasive stench of animal urine and the fear of possible health problems from diseased animals.

Palmer said another fear was possible attacks from the feral cats after two rescue crew members were bitten.

"To have that over there was just a shock and a surprise to the entire neighborhood," Carol Grimes said, who lives across the street from the house.

Aaron Wardlaw, who lives in Coweta County, drove to the neighborhood off Highway 154 to see the house for himself.

"All in all, I think it's just ridiculous to have that many animals in one house. It's not fair for the animals or the people in the neighborhood," Wardlaw said.

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