• 14-year-old found living in Walmart store

    By: Rick Couri


    CORSICANA, Tx - The young boy did more than move around the store. He nearly built himself a home.

    One of the “campsites” was behind large boxes of baby strollers, and another was hidden by toilet paper and paper towels.

    In order not to draw attention to himself, the teenager took clothes from the store and changed frequently.

    “You never expect that you’re at Walmart, and someone has been living there for four days that crazy,” customer Myrna Aguilar told CBS 11.

    Police in Corsicana, Texas confirm the boy made a hole in a wall of the drink aisle allowing him to take drinks without being noticed.

    Cops say the 14-year-old was so worried about being caught, he wore diapers to avoid having to use the toilet.

    Authorities say they found the young man by following a line of trash to one of his camps. Child Protective Services told KTXA the boy was visiting relatives when he slipped away.

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