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Video of Japan politician weeping goes viral

Video of Japan politician weeping goes viral

A video clip of a weeping Japanese politician accused of dubious spending on trips to a hot springs has gone viral, leaving many outraged and puzzled. (Courtesy of technicaify / YouTube)

White House report slams "corrosive culture" at VA

The White House piled on to recent attacks on the quality of care for veterans at the VA, issuing a report late Friday that bluntly said the health care arm of the VA "needs to be restructured and reformed," giving new impetus to efforts in Congress to make dramatic changes ...

Republicans demand answers as IRS emails go missing

When stories are released late on a Friday by some federal government agency, we often refer to it as a "document dump." But when the IRS sent a letter on the afternoon of Friday the 13th, it was to tell Congress that the tax agency had lost all kinds of ...

Obama's workout video prompts jokes and security concerns

While in Poland this week, President Obama took some time out of his busy schedule to hit the gym. (Via The White House)  At some point in Obama's series of lunges, bicep curls and shoulder presses, another gym-goer managed to take this cellphone video. (Via Daily Mail)  It was wasn't long before the one minute, ...

Taliban Video Shows Bowe Bergdahl Handover To US In Afghanistan

Taliban Video Shows Bowe Bergdahl Handover To US In Afghanistan

The Taliban has released a video showing American hostage Sgt Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to US forces in Afghanistan. The video, emailed to the media, shows him being handed over close to the Afghan border with Pakistan. (Sky News / YouTube)

Forbes ( has released its list of the world's 100 most powerful women for 2014. Keep clicking to see who made the top 15. We'll start with No. 15, Mondelez International CEO Irene Rosenfeld. Here, she attends a panel on finance at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on Sept. 25, 2009, in New York City.

Photos: Who are the world's most powerful women?

Find out who topped Forbes' annual list of the world's most powerful women in 2014.

Donestk resident on Poroshenko: "He is not our president"

Billionaire Petro Poroshenko declared victory Sunday in Ukraine's presidential election, following preliminary exit polls suggesting he received 56% of the vote.  CNN reports his closest challenger, former Ukrainian prime minister and leader of the Batkivshchyna party Yulia Tymoshenko, conceded the election after exit polls showed her with 13%. However, not ...

Anti E.U. parties gain in European elections

The European Union's four-day parliamentary elections drew to a close Sunday, and the prevailing theme of the vote can only be described as "Euroskepticism." Voting began Thursday as the E.U.'s 28 member states each selected their representatives to the bloc's 751-member parliament. (Via France 24) A big upset occurred in France, where the country's far-right ...

Chocolate Putins on sale in Ukraine

On the eve of Sunday’s Ukrainian presidential elections, the people in the city of Lviv are preparing for the vote in a rather … delicious … way.  A local chocolate store has been selling figurines of Vladimir Putin. One piece of chocolate has Putin with his hand over his heart. ...

92 items
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